A Dive into the Depths of Creation

Discovering the actuality of Free Creative Flow


May 11, 2023

Unraveling the enigma of Free Creative Flow (FCF) is no simple task. Easily mistaken for any regular creative process, the actuality of FCF requires a deep and thorough understanding.

This piece aims to illuminate the unique aspects of FCF, diving into its core and highlighting how it diverges from other creative methods.

The term ‘Free Creative Flow‘ is a triad of thought-provoking concepts.

  • Free‘ refers to the uncontrolled, unconditioned, and unplanned nature of the process. 
  • Creative‘ encapsulates the novelty, originality, and unexpected freshness of the outcome. 
  • Lastly, ‘Flow‘ signifies the manner of unfoldment, the manifestation in its truest form.

The traditional creative process, regardless of its form—artistic, verbal, abstract, or functional—is predominantly intentional. It is designed with a goal in mind, either internal or external. This process is steered by a myriad of factors such as ideas, desires, knowledge, and experience, all within the context of conscious thought.

Even in the most spontaneous jazz performance, abstract artwork, or poetic expression, there is an underlying guidance propelled by personal preferences and intentional direction. Such a creative process is framed by a definitive start and end. It produces an output that can be evaluated and measured—by the creator, by the audience, and often in comparison to the initial intention, past work, or any other standard of reference.

However, a fascinating question arises: 

Could there exist a creative process that is devoid of intentionality, unrestricted by knowledge, and timeless, with no discernible beginning or end? 

Could there be a creative flow that eludes measurement or comparison, that lacks the signature of its creator? In essence, we are led to ask:

Is it possible for creation to exist without a ‘creator’, in the very heart of its flow?

This profound question, along with the intriguing implications that come with it, will be the subject of our future discussions. We will seek to explore these notions without any reservations or constraints, daring to delve into the unknown corners of creation and creativity. Stay tuned for a journey into the intriguing world of Free Creative Flow.

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