The paradox of Imagination and Free Creative Flow (FCF)

Debunking Myths and Rediscovering Creativity in its Purest Form


Can imagination find its place in Free Creative Flow (FCF)?

An intriguing question, given the almost synonymous relationship between creativity and imagination. The two are often seen as inseparable partners, with the stagnation of one directly affecting the other. Yet, in the realm of FCF, imagination seems to have no role.

Why so?

Imagination, by its nature, generates time. It projects an idea or feeling and initiates a process to manifest that preconceived concept. It could be confused for inspiration, but its inherent element of projection distinguishes it.

FCF, in contrast, springs from ‘not knowing‘ – not anticipating, not intending, and not directing. It thrives in the absence of any preconceived notion, any trace of imagination. 

FCF can be encapsulated in three interconnected points: 

  • Not knowing, 
  • Flow, 
  • Now. 

These points, while individually distinct, form a unified whole that embodies FCF.

In FCF, creativity doesn’t unfold in an accumulative, process-oriented manner. There’s no build-up. The creation that arises isn’t subject to any pre-approval, shaping, or directing. Originating from the ground of ‘not knowing,’ it blossoms into existence here and now, never to be repeated.

This might appear counterintuitive at first. After all, we have conditioned ourselves to tie creativity and imagination together. But once you delve into FCF, particularly during moments when creativity seems blocked, the truth of FCF – that it comes from ‘not knowing’ and exists only in the ‘now’ – becomes apparent. Any other view is merely a concoction of conflicting ideas.

Embracing the mystery of FCF involves letting go of imagination and surrendering to the ‘now.’ As we continue our journey into the depths of FCF, we will uncover more about this novel approach to creativity, debunking myths and misconceptions along the way.

Stay tuned for our upcoming discussions as we venture further into the uncharted waters of FCF, learning, unlearning, and redefining our understanding of creativity.

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