Free Creative Flow (FCF) Background 7-9

FCF – The Invisible Ground of Creativity

Unveiling free creative flow as beauty, as life


MAY 19, 2023

As we delve deeper into the realm of Free Creative Flow (FCF), it’s crucial to understand that FCF is not a skill, nor a tool. It’s not something to be wielded or manipulated. Rather, it’s a state of mind that allows the natural, uninhibited flow of creativity.

The importance of this understanding lies in the clear distinction between the background and the object. In this context, FCF is the background, while tools, uses, and skills are the objects.

To illustrate this, consider FCF as a vast, unseen canvas. If you stumble upon it, or if it reveals itself to you, it emerges from this background. It illuminates your entire conscious awareness, much like a sudden burst of light in a dark room. Even if you encounter FCF for a fleeting moment while writing, painting, playing music, or simply walking, that encounter illuminates your field of awareness. It introduces you to a profound presence of serene beauty that defies reason and measurement.

This encounter with beauty, born out of FCF, stays with you. It guides you and becomes a resource for learning and understanding life in its full spectrum. It transcends the confines of a specific art activity or functional performance, extending its influence to every facet of your existence.

Understanding this is paramount as you delve deeper into the actuality of Free Creative Flow. It’s not just about enhancing your creative output or mastering a particular art form. It’s about illuminating your consciousness, expanding your understanding, and enriching your flow of life.

In the next two chapters of this series, we will explore the significance of FCF. We will discuss why one might want to delve seriously into it and how it can profoundly impact one’s life. Stay tuned as we continue this journey into the depths of Free Creative Flow, shedding light on its transformative potential and its role in redefining our understanding of creativity.

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