Unbounded Learning of FCF

Realizing Free Creative Flow in Everyday Life


The third article in the Free Creative Flow (FCF) training series brings us to a crucial junction that distinguishes the genuine and advantageous training of FCF.

This pivot rests on the incorporation of this training into your everyday existence; it should not be compartmentalized or treated as an isolated zone separate from your regular life.

FCF doesn’t stem from specific activities or eventbut is an inherent aspect of conscious awareness—a state of mind present prior to engagement in particular actions or reactions. Therefore, FCF must be experienced within one’s authentic daily life, allowing it to surface whenever IT “chooses”.

Essentially, Free Creative Flow directs its own practice and facilitates its own learning.

This concept might seem foreign to minds accustomed to control, initiation, and development, which is why conventional notions of self-development need to be wholly discarded when exploring FCF. Crucially, Free Creative Flow shares no relationship with self-initiation. 

This journey into the heart of creativity is not about forcing but allowing; it isn’t about creating but permitting creation to occur naturally. As we progress through this series, we will delve deeper into this profound exploration. Stay tuned.

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