Free Creative Flow (FCF) Training 4-8

Bridging Understanding and Practice of FCF

Engaging with the Actuality of Free Creative Flow (FCF)


Our journey with Free Creative Flow (FCF) so far has primarily focused on exploring its conceptual underpinnings. Now, as we proceed with our training series, we delve into the practical aspect of this exploration. 

It’s important to clarify upfront, however, that our focus on the “practical” doesn’t imply a prescribed regimen or routine. Rather, it’s about letting FCF manifest naturally within the fabric of your everyday life.

FCF isn’t an elusive ideal or a skill to be mastered, but a fundamental quality of conscious awareness. It emerges from a state of ‘not knowing‘ – 

an open-minded receptiveness to the spontaneous flows of creativity in the present moment. 

If such instances of uninhibited creativity are already part of your lived experience, you are undoubtedly on the right path.

For those eager to delve deeper into the actuality of FCF, we’ll explore this in the upcoming articles. Drawing on my personal practices – 

  • Writing,
  • Instrument music play,
  • Candid photography,
  • and, Free ink brush strokes.

I’ll offer insights into how FCF unfolds in these domains. The creative process, in each case, arises spontaneously from a space of silence, emptiness, or ‘not knowing’. It is not about controlling the creative outcome but remaining alert and sensitive to the emerging flow.

In the following articles, we’ll tackle various challenges you might encounter in your FCF practice, such as during free writing. These discussions are not prescriptive solutions but rather illustrative examples, aimed at familiarizing you with potential issues. This understanding will help you welcome and navigate whatever arises in your FCF practice, free from preconceived notions about how it ‘should’ be.

So, stay tuned as we shift gears from talking about FCF to directly engaging with it. You are on the verge of discovering whether Free Creative Flow is a living reality for you.

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