“Inking the Present” (FCF) 

Why Writing is an Ideal Medium for Practicing Free Creative Flow


Diving into the fifth part of our Free Creative Flow (FCF) training series, we explore the intriguing realm of free writing—a realm devoid of intention, purpose, or tangible achievement. It’s crucial to note that free writing under the FCF ‘no-lens’, differs substantially from other types of writing.

At the heart of free writing lies the manifestation of a mind teeming with words, reaching out to the raw essence of the present moment. Words spring from an abyss of infinite possibilities, imprinting themselves on paper and reflecting on the Now. 

When we first approach free writing, we may grapple with the daunting feeling of not knowing what to write, but within the FCF context, this very ‘not knowing’ is a cornerstone.

It’s not about circumventing a creative block, but mastering the craft of writing amid this space of unknowing. Words penned in free flow offer a reading experience that feels as fresh as if they were composed by the winds themselves.

Writing also aligns perfectly with FCF due to its intimate tie to the present—the ‘now.’ In FCF, one is guided solely by the present moment, far from ideas, memories, or preconceptions. The act of writing is akin to the gentle glide of a butterfly’s wings on a tranquil lake, leaving ephemeral traces that soon dissolve back into the placid waters.

Another pivotal aspect of free writing in FCF lies in the word-centric architecture of our minds. Our struggles, conflicts, and grievances—all are spun from words and conflicting ideas. When our minds encounter words freed from these confrontations, an ease sets in.

Initially, this unrestricted flow might seem strange or unsettling, but with continued practice, the mind grows more at ease, ultimately unveiling the profound depth of Free Creative Flow and the origins of words themselves.

In conclusion, practicing Free Creative Flow through writing reveals the sheer beauty of words flowing uninhibited, without the constraints of intent or purpose. Our journey is far from over, and there are many more aspects to explore. So, stay tuned as we continue discussing the unique characteristics of practicing Free Creative Flow.

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