Embracing Life’s Free Creative Flow


Have you ever contemplated the question of Free Creative Flow (FCF) and its place in your life, your daily activities, your regular routines? 

More importantly, have you considered the profound shift that might occur if your life were dictated by FCF instead of meticulous planning, pursuit, and knowledge acquisition?

We must question what all this striving, this ceaseless chasing and becoming, has led us to. Irrespective of whether your desires have been fulfilled or left entirely unmet, you must assess your evolution as a functional being, considering that the bulk of your energy is devoted to these self-directed motions.

Have you attained freedom? 

Not freedom to act or do, but an internal liberation to appreciate the unfolding events of life. 

Or are you trapped in the perpetual chase for more—more volume, more quality, more of everything?

FCF is not a prize to be won. It isn’t something you can attain through intentionality, such as planning or striving. Yet, FCF possesses a reality that supersedes everything you comprehend. 

How can this assertion be so definitive? 

Because FCF is the unknown. It isn’t a product of what you know or can know. It’s the spontaneous unfolding of the Now, devoid of control, interpretations, preferences, or choices.

This novel territory can only be met through an understanding of the futility of the mind’s own movement of will

FCF isn’t about resisting or battling against life’s current; instead, it invites us to move with it—to accept, embrace, and flow.

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