The Magic of This Moment


JUL 8, 2023

The problems of your day exist solely in the realm of time, occurring only within anticipation and evasion.

But the “now” is not bound by time. 

How can the concepts of Time and “Now” within your life be related? They cannot, for the “Now” is timeless, from eternity to eternity. Only the “Now” exists, exempt from time. It’s simply the “Now.” Time is conceived as a concept where problems reside, constructed within its own fabricated field.

What is the art of the “now”? Not in time, not in the future when you might grasp it, understand it, achieve it. What is the art of the “now” in this very moment? And how does this relate to the profound, often termed ancient, yearning for freedom in your heart, for ceaseless rest and peace?

Consider the “now” that is rest and peace, Have you ever not been in the “now”? Clearly not. 

You are the “Now.”

You always have been and always will be. There is no past version of you; it simply doesn’t exist. There will be no future you either. How could there be? You are the “Now.” Life is the “now.” 

The art of “now,” anything that awakens you to the reality of the “now”—whether it’s a reality you approve or disapprove of, whether it brings happiness or unhappiness—all of this comes after acknowledging the “now.” 

This is said based on the very direct observation that within the “Now,” which is present, problems cannot exist. There is no time in the “Now.” 

We have become accustomed to problems, which are illusory from start to finish. Problems are created by impressions, judgments, comparisons, and all the mind’s motions. The “now” cannot be affected by the mind; the mind only interacts with itself, which is time. 

The art of “now” – is meditation. It never begins or ends; it can only occur in the “now.”

This “Now” is not constrained by time and, therefore, cannot be depleted. As the day arrives, and you find yourself by the river, the scenery is present, and so are you. Are you within the scenery? Is the scenery within you? 

Encounter the “Now,” observe endlessly, learn without acquiring knowledge, and never dismiss the happiness that isn’t inherently yours, yet alights like a butterfly on your shoulder, unreasoned and ephemeral, in the briefest of “nows.”

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