An invitation to a timeless, unhindered, Creative Flow


14 JUN 2023

For years, the art of now has unveiled itself in my daily life.

Before your imagination takes flight, allow me to demystify it. It signifies a flow absent of my persona within it. To further illuminate, when the art of now exposes itself, your personal influence, guidance, or choice is limited, if existent at all. The art of now is just that – a current without intervention.

Over the years, this phenomenon has been shared both intentionally and unintentionally. Yet, it’s accurate to say that its core cannot be transmitted from one to another. Rather, the most one can do is hint or encourage others to stumble upon it within their own being, which is precisely my intention.

In this video, the art of the free line, the art of casual photography, the art of directionless piano play, are merely glimpsed, brushed from a distance.

For in the art of now, there exists no skill, no performance. It’s a meditative state, a moment of liberation from intentional guidance. Whatever comes, comes.

The creative flow and the art of now are identical, simply phrased differently. It is indicated, shared, and it’s up to you to either disregard or deny it, or accept it as an invitation to a timeless, unhindered creative flow.

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