Beyond Chaos and Order


15 JUN 2023

Is there such a thing as perfect harmony, absolute order, or unconditional purity? 

And if these exist, why do we seem blind to them? 

Why do we exist in chaos, out of sync with harmony, our perceptions obscured and impure? 

Why is it that the clarity we experience in life, if any, comes in fleeting glimpses that seem trivial to us? 

Why does the majority of our life feel foreign, or even alien, to such clarity?

Do we ever contemplate these questions? 

If we do, what drives this curiosity? 

Why do we yearn to transition from a chaotic, disordered existence to a life that’s fundamentally different? 

Is it an attempt to evolve from ignorance to purity?

Perhaps harmony is the only truth, and all else is a fabrication of the mind. Maybe the pursuit to transition from disorder to order, or from confusion to clear understanding, is merely a mental endeavor.

Can there be a question that doesn’t originate from the mind?
Is there a question that’s free from context and isn’t satiated by any answer the mind can provide?

If absolute harmony is the only reality, and if chaos and disorder are mere mental constructs, then perhaps the question that doesn’t emanate from the mind allows the unfolding of harmony and order. This unfolding of harmony in the realm of the unknowable might be the ultimate truth.


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