Reflections on the Art of Living


8 JUN 2023

The day begins whether we are ready or not, whether we desire it or not, whether we deem it good or not. 

This beginning is pure, untainted by the worries and concerns that often plague us.

A mere fraction of a second after you stir from sleep, the morning is instantly filled with thoughts, tasks, and ideas. Some might argue that morning starts independent of your awakening, perhaps at the golden hour when the sun first peeks over the horizon. What is that moment, though, between darkness and light? 

Can anyone truly pinpoint it?

The art of living, to me, is akin to a free creative flow. It has no defined start. It has no discernible end. It simply is. 

I recently journeyed to the mountains by the sea, a place I had never visited before. The sight, while new to me, wasn’t truly new in itself. The view, the people, the streets, the nature—none of it was new. Observing it wasn’t a novel act. There is no inherent free creative flow in traveling to a so-called new place.

Yet, every second is imbued with free creative flow, every fleeting moment. It is always ‘now’. It never was, it never will be. It is simply flowing freely. We cannot orchestrate it, we cannot mold it. If it exists, it does so without our control. During the journey, casual photography occurred. Words came to accompany the photos, all in free flow. Upon returning, I found myself by the piano, playing in free flow. Without beginning, without end, it all coalesced.

The end product of this experience can be seen in the video here. Yet, what you see there—however imbued with free creative flow—is already past, already completed. What you cannot see is what transpires right now, as you read, as you watch. 

The easiest way to guide you to perceive it is to remind you that free creative flow is you. It is who you are, where you are, right now, without needing to know any more than that.

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