Question Everything Through the Liberating Power of Unknowing


The act of questioning has become a cornerstone in my life, a ceaseless endeavor. Everything invites a question— an object, a person, a concept, an idea, a fact. This endless, boundless questioning is more than an intellectual exercise; it speaks to the way we connect with these things.

Consider this: 

You wake up one morning with an idea, an idea that seems significant, perhaps even brilliant. Can you question it indefinitely? 

If the questioning is merely a means to an end, a quest for a simple answer, then it becomes an inherently limited exercise. 

But what if you engage fully with that idea, devote an abundance of attention to it, observing its movement, its effects on your senses and emotions? And what if you also scrutinize what it conceals from you, what it prevents you from sensing?

This is where the traditional notion of a ‘question’ falls short. A question that can be answered with words, insights, or enlightenment, or any conceivable reply, ceases to be a question in my eyes. 

What I want to propose is that a question, regardless of its scale or significance, is a state of mind. It’s a state of willing not to know, of being immersed in the unknown, extending far beyond mere curiosity or the desire to learn. 

It’s about being open, allowing the unexpected to unfold without prejudice.

When this questioning ethos is ingrained in your daily life, when it is the heartbeat of your existence, 

It becomes the only thing you trust.

And by ‘trust’, I mean the only thing that retains absolute integrity; it can’t be bent, used, or prejudiced. Question everything, including your own propensity to question. Embrace the seeking of unknowing with wide-open eyes.

The perpetual state of not knowing is not a dead end but rather a life force. This isn’t about ignorance, but rather about pure learning.

In this state, every action you take, every thought you entertain, every word you utter, and every emotion you experience, arises from a free, creative flow that transcends personal ownership.

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