The Unknown Depths of the Human Mind


The mind, an elusive concept, is something no one truly comprehends. 

When people reference the “mind,” they’re describing a space where thoughts, feelings, and ideas form, fluctuate, and fade. Yet, defining the mind as an object or a mechanism remains a challenge. Could it be that the mind’s inherent nature is emptiness, a form of nothingness?

Through their minds, individuals send their own, and receive inputs and signals from others and their environment. If a signal is distorted, it amplifies that distortion. If it’s clear, it reinforces clarity. 

So what does a clear signal of emptiness look like?

The mind, as we understand it, is a domain of knowledge, both personal and collective. 

Yet in essence, it is the great unknown. 

A clear signal from this kind of “unknown mind”, comes from a state of not knowing. Only from this place of unknowing can free creativity truly arise.

The significance of this on the collective consciousness, especially the purity of signals shared among humanity, is immense and unmistakable.

The responsibility to determine whether these words hold an untainted signal falls on you.

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