A Dance with the Unknown through Meditative Art


Is genuine authenticity a part of your life?

Consider this:

Your actions, thoughts, feelings, and decisions are invariably influenced by your past exposures and experiences. 

Each moment of your day is an exercise, an opportunity to explore the fluidity of your existence. 

More often than not, we navigate our days through the lens of familiarity, control, and identification. 

In this daily dance, I invite you to ask yourself: 

where does honest expression from the unknown find a place in your life? 

What facets of your existence emerge organically, without the anchor of pre-existing knowledge?

If you struggle to find an answer, or if the answer is a resounding absence, what does this mean for you? Would understanding this gap significantly impact your life’s rhythm? 

This exploration leads us to the question of ‘meditative art.‘ 

It’s a realm unbound by the constraints of knowledge and control. This art is not something that can be mastered through practice. Instead, it flows freely from the fountain of unknowing, providing a transcendence from the fixations, repetitions, and conditioned responses that limit our daily expressions.

The beauty of meditative art—if it’s genuine—is its inherent uniqueness; it cannot be replicated or transferred. Its charm lies in the discovery, in the practitioner’s recognition of its independent nature, which cannot be claimed, owned, or credited by anyone, not even by himself (as a “creator”).

For those who seek a glimpse into the world of meditative art, take a moment to observe a tree swaying in the wind, or a cloud sailing across the sky, or a mountain standing tall in its solitude. 

These simple yet profound observations provide a gateway into the realm of meditative art, opening the doors to an exploration of authenticity and a dance with the unknown.

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