The Unseen Rhythm of Free Flow


When creativity flows freely, nothing is discordant. All faults find their place in perfect order.

Crucially, we must realize that we, you and I, cannot encounter this free flow; it meets itself in a moment of our absence. 

What does this mean? Is it relevant to you, your state, your life? Or is it just another idea, an expressed concept, another piece of knowledge? 

The trap of interpretation, I believe, is up to you to recognize.

Regardless, words are always limited to their interpretation. If you hear words in a language you don’t understand, they mean nothing to you. The meaning you extract from words is your interpretation of their meaning, which might align or diverge from the intent of the writing.

So, you hear that when creativity flows freely, nothing is discordant. Specifically, you’re told that all faults, which you know well in yourself and your life, are in perfect order in the presence of the flow. 

Is this true? 

How can you explore, inquire, and find out if it’s true? 

Because the implications are life changing. How could anyone complain if they see everything as perfectly ordered? Who can pass judgment?

You’re told that you, the motivated and interested, can never meet the free flow, no matter what. It’s not something that happens TO you, or that YOU can create or find. This raises the question: 

What is the reality, the truth, the actuality of the free flow? 

If it is real in itself, regardless of any interpretation, explanation, or confirmation, then is there anything else but it? 

This question can’t be answered by a play of words.

Everything becomes clear when you don’t know, when you let go of your ideas and simply observe. This observation is either guided by what you’re hoping to find, or fear finding, 

Rather — it is a free flow of observation. 

‘Free’ means – uncontrolled.

By now, you may feel a circular movement in the words here, dancing around themselves. They’re not suggesting a solution or a path. They’re like birds flying in circles around a tree, and the tree is what they sing about. 

The birds, (the words in this analogy), sing about the tree, which they circle, which is the free flow, which is their circling, their arrival.

During your day, you hear about various things, most either important or not. The free flow is neither, as nothing is there to measure it. But here we are, looking at something neither important nor unimportant. And in this stream of words and free observation, perhaps it starts to reveal itself.


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