The Invisible Barrier to Free Creative Flow

28 JUN 2023

Amihai Loven

What does free creative flow mean to you?

It signifies the potential to live without a trace of conflict. It’s about seeing life as a form of art and art as a reflection of life.

Moreover, it is nothing that stands apart from anything else, the way knowledge, skill, or method do.

We communicate these ideas through words as our primary tool in this medium. However, the term ‘free creative flow’ is not the essence of the actuality itself.

It cannot be encapsulated in language, but oddly, it can choose to express itself in words or anything else. It appears of its own volition.

Interestingly, we have become comfortable with a diminished quality of life internally, while externally we strive for rewards in every aspect of our existence. This inner richness, this freedom and joy, embodies the essence of free creative flow.

As you read these words, you may resonate with them, or perhaps not. You may think they hold truth, half-truths or perhaps none at all.

But the important observation is – you typically don’t act on these words.

If you did, by the end of this passage, you’d have experienced this quality in a direct and profound way.

The main idea here is: your free creative flow may be the very thing blocking your path to experiencing more of it. So, when life nudges you to question, take a moment to consider this. Look at free creative flow in your life, as your life, beyond just words. 

I’ve spoken about this countless times. There’s no concrete reason to restate it here, yet it’s happening –

the flow is creating this expression for its own manifestation.

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