Dance in the Timeless Now


Time and again, you recognize that the only moment is the present, and this present is timeless in its continuity.

If you truly feel compelled to resolve this paradox, consider that the present always shifts to another present. But it’s perpetually presence. And it’s undoubtedly now. 

So, if this realization occurs, and you perceive it as something known, rest assured there is no realization.

Because the truth of the present cannot be known, cannot transition from past to present to future.

In embracing the present, there is no knowledge. 

What can be learned from the now? 

Poetically put, it could be likened to the unexpected dance of raindrops. 

  • Can you communicate in the language of the raindrops? 
  • Can you orchestrate the music of the raindrops? 
  • Can you perceive the flawless pattern in how the raindrops perform their dance? 

I can’t speak for you. For me, a single moment of raindrop wisdom harbors an eternal depth of beauty.

Empty your mind of what is known and return to where you are: in the present.

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