Tracing the Subtleties of Perception


What does 'clarity' mean? 

Is there such a thing as unquestionable clarity? 

To be unquestionable is to delve into the depths of all questioning – it’s the act of openness, of boundless, infinite inquiry. But does it truly exist? 

Is it possible that genuine, limitless, uncontrolled questioning, which surpasses all confines, is the essence of clarity? Could it be that while we were seeking clarity in knowledge, in practice, in assurances, in selections, and in choices, clarity was quietly questioning itself ? Itself being the very pursuit of clarity.

In other words, if you were to summarize, to capture a snapshot of your overall depth of understanding, would it manifest as a question or as knowledge? 

And how does all of this relate to the profound reality that all past experiences are just memories? 

Memories can wield a powerful influence, and they can drive a multitude of actions in the present, but they remain merely memories. Memories can be remembered differently from how they actually occurred, yet they purport to be recollections of past realities. Memories can be forgotten, distorted, amended, manipulated.

But upon realizing that all past events are mere memories, and that clarity, as an infinite question, never ceases to exist, what is the intersection of these two observations?

And what is the state of mind that perceives this delicate, invisible thread of air that enables these two to sync together?

To sync in the sense of playing, to play in the sense of coming to life, to come to life in the sense of unveiling clarity beyond doubt, beyond choice, beyond limit.

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