The Inherent State of Being


What do you want? What do I want?

Isn’t this an essential question for one to ask oneself? To me, the will is to live undivided, embodying absolute free will, meeting what-is, as it is.

Expressed in words, this is a concept, meaningless and distant from truth. 

Beyond words, neither you nor I can truly know it.

Can you desire that which you do not know? Can you not? 

In many ways, your entire life is a movement of a will you don’t understand, moving towards itself. A revelation of a will that is free from your own divided, peculiar, conflicting sets of desires and conflicts. 

Do we want peace?

Obviously not, because we live in the worship of internal conflict and justify the conflicts outside.

Conflict within is any movement of the mind away from what-is. ‘I am this, but I want to be that’. ‘Things are this way, but they should be that way.’ This is the inner conflict. And outside, ‘I support this and condemn that. I encourage this and walk away from that.’

Can there be a peace untouched by the movement of conflict? Can there not? 

Isn’t peace the absolute, the fundamental absence of conflict? In words, conflict and peace may exist side by side. But in reality, a dark room doesn’t maintain darkness when it’s lit. 

So, what is the nature of peace? And what can you do, or refrain from doing, to come upon and live that peace? 

Not to live ‘with’ peace or in peace, but to live as peace itself, an absolute peace. 

Certainly, all movements of conflict cannot lead you there. Resistance to what-is, will not bring peace. Condemnation will not bring peace. Avoidance will not bring peace. Nothing can bring peace to that which is not peace. 

The two are not competing. As concepts, they may vie with each other in our minds during discussions such as this. But in reality, if there is conflict, there is no peace. And if there is peace, there is no conflict. 

What do you want? What do I want? 

Do I want to live peace? If this is true, then peace is something that must be lived. If this is merely a game, then it remains a concept, removed from truth. 

Discover what it is that you want, and you will see that you live in alignment with those desires. 

You live in conflict because you want to live in conflict. It serves the purpose of your separated self, your individuality, your ego. 

Only peace wants to live peace. Only peace lives itself. 

It’s up to you to determine what you want and to accept what-is, as it is.

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