Watching through the eye of free creative flow


‘Do you know yourself?
is a question that transcends binary responses, revealing a harsh reality: your self-understanding, if it exists at all, is at best partial.

Why? Because it is continually subject to scrutiny, and is inherently bound by the confines of the questioner knowledge. 

The question nudges us towards an exploration of self in the realm of infinity, provoking us to consider our holistic potential. When you accept your incomplete self-awareness, when you recognize your unfamiliarity with your true potential and the field of infinite possibilities, you grapple with a web of constraints – a labyrinth constructed by your fears, biases, and conditioning.

Such acknowledgment transforms the nature of the question; it springs to life. It no longer remains an idle philosophical query, but turns into a compelling exploration, intrinsically linked to our direct perceptions.

To venture into the expanse of endless possibilities is to live without definitive knowledge and without artificial boundaries. This principle holds true across all domains, be it creation, exploration, or learning.

Only when we stop ignoring our limitations, can we expose their inherent fallacy, thereby unlocking the doors to a free creative flow.

Yet, a limitation that is not acknowledged remains unconquered, just as a limitation deemed real remains unsurmountable. The key lies in recognizing these limitations, for only through this recognition can we view them through the lens of creative freedom and see their falsehood.

To illustrate, consider a wall: if you see it but do not touch it, its reality remains untested. However, if you reach out and your hand passes through, you grasp the truth – the wall does not restrict your movement.

This understanding is what the creative flow achieves, it challenges and overcomes our perceived limitations.

So, do we comprehend ourselves? Likely, only to a degree. Are we living a holistic existence within limitless potentiality? Clearly not. Are we aware of our limitations? Possibly. Do we question them? Perhaps. 

How then, can we surpass a questioned limitation? By inviting the free creative flow to illuminate the path.

In this journey of self-discovery and the pursuit of infinite potentiality, we navigate our own boundaries, continually probing our understanding and embracing the infinite possibilities that life presents.

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