The Unavoidable Urgency of Freedom


Let’s delve into urgency, more specifically, the urgency in daily life – the urgency of now.

Beyond distractions and trivial matters, what genuinely merits our attention? This question extends to the understanding of freedom.

Freedom, in essence, is a life unchained from the shackles of thought. Life and thought are parallel phenomena. However, the perceived dependency between the two hinders true freedom.

Yet If such freedom is attainable, no quest is more urgent than its discovery, for only in freedom can one find genuine happiness.

Do not misconstrue these assertions as undeniable truths; they are as fallible as any claim. However, the essence behind them is yours to explore.

Accepting life without freedom paves the way for external entities – like AI, other people, or circumstances – to inevitably control your existence.

This lack of freedom eradicates happiness and leads to an inevitable end: death, leaving behind a life so poorly lived, never truly free.

So, where does urgency fit into this scenario? Is it an urgent idea that proposes an alternative, of a more satisfying existence than the current one?

Or, is it the urgent tendency for compliance with an authoritative structure of personal or shared ideas?

Clearly, it is not.

Therefore, you remain with the question of urgency. You scrutinize your current moment from within, pondering what is urgent, immediate, and directly relevant to the now. This question can’t be answered, nor can it be evaded.

Rather, If asked with a sense of urgent demand to resolve life’s conflicts and misconceptions, it consumes the noise.

A misguided life, dictated by ideas of right and wrong, desires and dislikes, is an obstacle to freedom. Freedom guides itself, flowing untamed by your demands. Within this freedom, beauty and truth shine.

So, if you accept a life of servitude, there’s no urgency. You can rest in this state until death. But if a profound yearning to question this existence stirs within you, if the demand for clarity about true freedom is authentic, nothing is more urgent.

So, what is urgent for you now? 

Most likely, it is to make money, meet expectations, or achieve goals. These urgencies guide your life, consuming your existence. But why is freedom not considered with equal, if not more, urgency?

In examining my life, I see that freedom is not urgent at all, and the demand for it is false, hypocritical, and partial at best, as long as it’s for myself.

The notion of personal freedom is nonexistent.

Rather, freedom FROM your self-perceived identity, IS actual life.

Any urgency directed towards this perception of yourself is vanity, destined to be exposed as vain desires in your mind’s space. Freedom FROM yourself, is life itself;

life itself is the urgency that calls for your attention.

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