Unending exploration

That which passes through your mind, usually known as thoughts, imagination – that, you do not know.

It knows itself as a projection, as imagination, as thinking. There is nothing else beyond that to know.

To know the nature of the inner movement of oneself, not the expression of memory and analysis and all that encompasses ‘thinking’, but the nature of thought itself.

To comprehend it once by allowing it to fade as it goes, like the mist in the morning. It’s there, but it’s not there. It’s moving, but it’s not at all an object. It’s not at all there.

There is no definition, no location, no meaning. So, what remains is: you sit and explore that which you Are.

Seeing, you are. Feeling, you are. Thinking, you are. Touching, you are. Complaining, you are. Being jealous, you are. Being angry, you are. Being happy, you are.

But if you stay on that, you cannot flow, you cannot be what you are. You become a definition, a title, a point that is described with words, with fixation.

But the movement itself is not moving to itself, it’s The movement. It’s not moving in front of something. The movement itself, not the appearance of things, not the chain of words. The movement itself, that movement which no one can anticipate, no one can hold, no one can speed up or slow down.

The movement of life in itself, is the movement of life.

Only we want to know, we want to touch, we want to get, we want to be, we want to arrive, we want to escape.

You sit. And the nature of your exploration is the nature of not knowing.

Not a fixation on pushing back knowledge, but simply your interest is not in the known. Your interest is in the nature of things. And to the extent you are sincere, the nature of things is the nature of no-thing. 

Things are there with name and shape because the mind tagged them. But without this tagging, all is there, nothing is there, you are there, you are not there.

It’s meaningless, it’s a game of words. But for us, it became the most important thing. People, groups, families, nations, tribes, galaxies, as far as men concern, soon to be occupied in another planet, are all into those definitions and agreements. And then governance, and then all this corrupted movement, where fundamentally none of those exist.

There is: you sitting in a moment of freedom, exploring that which is yourself. 

‘In-out’ has no meaning, ‘good-bad’ has no meaning. Past and future have no meaning, and the Now is not the present moment that is moving, and Now is all the possibilities coming to be.

Not ending, not moving, not starting, coming to be. Why would you put words into that which comes to be now?

Later, you can put words to it. Prior to, you can try to put words to it.

There is only you sitting, exploring the nature of self, and that’s it. 

Now, in that your heart is weightless, unassuming, totally satisfied with itself, has no demands, no complaints, no desires. It knows the nature of itself, and in that, this heart is no longer a heart, it is you sitting and exploring the nature of self. 

Yourself, itself, self.

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