An Ode to Unknowing

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“A question is a state of unknown attention.”

It can also be described as ‘attention to the unknown.’ Not unknown as a concept or as a function of stop knowing, but unknown as a question. It all begins now with a question that acknowledges that you truly do not know. It is unclear to you what you do not know, and who it is that does not know, so you surrender to it with awe and wonder.

If it is a true question, it unfolds. The language of unfoldment is beauty – not a beauty that the eyes can see or the mind can describe, but the beauty of a question that unfolds as not knowing, from not knowing, to not knowing. This unknown is life itself.

It’s all-living, infinite possibilities, and at the same time, it is the end of the chase. You can never understand the unknown, you can never attain the unknown. Everything is unknown until you decide to know it, and in that knowing, you lose the unknown.

Do not let the words play tricks on you. This must be simple. The words you hear now describe what’s taking place. They’re not talking about something that can or will happen to someone.

So it brings us to the question, why is there a necessity to know, to define, to identify, to name, to explain, to claim, to hold, to play with a stream of knowledge? Why has this come to be? It’s clear that it hinders the beauty of not knowing. There could be many answers, but the only real way to understand it is to question.

If someone gives you an answer and you stop questioning, that answer must be misleading. If you come up with an idea that makes you stop questioning, that idea must be misleading. The only thing that meets not knowing in clarity is not knowing.

But again, there must be unfoldment from that not knowing. The beauty that cannot be seen with the eyes, that cannot be recognized and defined by the mind, is the beauty of not knowing. Not knowing unfolds itself, reveals its true nature, which is beauty.

Will you meet the question of the unknown? No, that’s it.

Start with confusion. Start with conflicts. Start with annoyance, because the mind is pleased to know, but it’s very uncomfortable in not knowing. Start with that, because that’s the start, that’s now, that’s what is.

And dare to stay with it without knowing. Let the unknown meet itself, reveal itself, unfold itself into something that the word ‘beauty’ is truly far from being enough to describe.

Just like the word ‘infinite’ is far from being enough to point at something that is infinite, at infinity.

So you start as you are, and you meet everything – inside, outside, past, future, present – with a question.

And all this does not happen in time. It is so, right now. For whatever reason or no reason, you decided to give your heart to it for a fraction of no time, so that you can see for yourself if the quality of the question goes beyond the known.

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