Seeking the Real

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What is real?

This may be a question of great importance, possibly even a precursor to any other question we might ask. This notion is suggested within the context of life’s energy flow. There are numerous actions, words, thoughts, and feelings that can distort this flow. Thus, the question “What is real?” might be deeply intertwined with understanding life’s energy and its correct flow.

So, what is real? It might be simpler to identify the unreal first. 

Thinking, for instance, is real, but the thoughts themselves are not. Imagination is real, but the images it creates are not. Words are real, but their meanings are not. You are real, but your image isn’t. Could it be that the real is the essence that exists before we try to describe it?

If we are deeply aware of the unreal, how then do we recognize the real? The real has no identity, shape, name, definition, or description. It’s life as it happens now, devoid of any layers we might add. And yet, it’s complicated by the fact that we ourselves are part of these layers. “You” cannot exist without these layers; as long as there is “Your” life, there is layering.

Consider a woman who lived 14,000 years ago. Can you remember her name, her form, her thoughts, her feelings? They were probably no less sincere than yours, no less significant to her than yours are to you. Could you place yourself in a time of such insignificance? It’s possible that you can, and that this is an invitation to look at yourself in this way – as a forgotten memory, a veil over what you truly are.

Now is merely a fleeting moment. You exist in it, but it holds no more significance than a flash of memory. 

After reading this, what remains with you? Only a question: What is real? 

Hold onto this question, use it. Observe, admit the truth fearlessly, without justification. In doing so, the concept of life’s energy flow might transform into something not theoretical or abstract, but profoundly real. 

So, what is real? Reflect on this.

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