Lost in freedom

There exists a need ‘to be found’, to be located and rooted in a place that feels familiar. I’m referring to an inner need, a longing for a state that contrasts the sensation of being lost, unlocated, or unfound. Visually, it’s akin to the difference between being anchored or hovering, confined to a single point versus spreading without limits, into the sky and beyond.

You must become familiar with this inner need and understand its effects on you. When you prioritize this feeling of inner grounding, as opposed to a state of being boundlessly present and unanchored, you may inadvertently limit your capacity for true freedom and the spontaneous beauty it brings.

Freedom is the only thing that is real, while a lack of freedom is merely an invention of the mind. Freedom is not confined to a state, a temporal experience, or something that can be known. When we allow anything to happen freely, flowing without restraint, we find real beauty. Yet, many live a lifetime without embracing this natural movement of life, which is freedom. Instead, we craft narratives about freedom as an ideal, a goal, something to be reached eventually.

Freedom is Now, and freedom IS the now.

When the mind doesn’t dictate another story—as it often does, placing freedom elsewhere—freedom is boundless. It has no specific place, time, or interpretation; it’s uncompromised and absolute. It’s up to you to encounter freedom in your life, just as it is, without adding to or subtracting anything from it.

This is the art of the present moment, the free flow of life. In embracing this, you may feel lost, but don’t shy away from it. Let it communicate with you beyond words, especially not words about freedom. In this realization, you may find yourself truly lost, but in a way that reveals the very essence of existence.

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