Discovering True Freedom

You cannot invest in freedom as if it were an asset or something to be owned. Freedom is yours to embrace when you dedicate your life to it. But since nothing can truly take your life, what I mean by giving your life to freedom is that you reset all your typical priorities, often aligned with attachments, and focus solely on freedom. You may not know what freedom is, and that’s where you begin. But you also shouldn’t want to know what freedom is, because if you claim to know it, you stand apart from it as a mere observer.

You might question if freedom is essentially what you are. Words quickly lose their strength and ambition to describe or accurately define this, for then it ends as a concept. What remains is the opportunity to live your day in freedom, something only freedom itself can realize. You alone cannot. Consider your life and how many years you have tried.

The dots connect when freedom is allowed for one day to live on its own. One day seems long enough, yet not too lengthy, to put yourself to the test. The same principle applies to a single moment, but it’s easier to deceive yourself in a fleeting moment than to surrender an entire day to freedom, allowing it to manifest in your life.

What would a day lived as freedom, by freedom, look like? Certainly, it wouldn’t be a planned day or a frantic race toward another day or goal. Everything converges into a free flow, but even the words “free flow” lose meaning in themselves.

We might look at this from another angle: how your day, today, is lived. Is it lived free from everything you’ve placed there to direct, control, or influence your path? Freedom follows no direction. Can you be free from direction, even for one day? This connects to the previous piece about being lost in freedom.

To me, nothing is more urgent, tangible, beautiful, or demanding than living a single day without direction. The immense beauty that emerges cannot be put into words, as it resonates in every aspect of life, every event, every momentary encounter. When you allow your day to unfold without direction, it’s as if everything is open, and serendipity, or joy if you prefer, is the only “rule”.

No one knows where serendipity comes from or when it will leave. If you dislike these words, don’t use any at all. Connect with what is undirected in your day and determine if these are mere empty words or an attempt to highlight something that already exists, ripe and ready to be picked without demand. 

Choose that fruit if you want; it’s there for you.

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  1. Beautiful writing. Regarding surrendering the entire day to freedom rather than deceiving myself to fleeting moments, i know I’m deceiving rather than devoting if my thoughts are saying anything different from my day.

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