Ferry to Jeju

Merging in the unknown

You, in your life Now,

what is truly sacred in your life?

You, in your life now’ – That is sacred beyond conditions, beyond change.

A second from now, everything is expressed by itself. You already don’t know anything.

Now, you feel that you know, because you connected the now to the story.

The truth is that the now, which you do not know, is sacred, and no matter how hard habitually you tried, you could not change it.

All it takes for you is to question:

Am I present now?”

That’s it.

Who is there to answer the question?

Who is asking the question?

Between the question that is asked and the answer that may come, What is this gap?

Is there that which is truly, unconditionally sacred in your life now?

You better not know. 

You better ask within yourself, beyond the words,

With a flame that cannot be ended.

This is the question, the question that is sacred unconditionally. 

It is asked now. As the words are put,

it is asked now.

And as you read it, it is read now.

That’s all you need to see.

And notice whether you ask it with all your heart, knowing that without it, every aspect of sacred existence in your life is vanity,

If so, you go beyond, to the unknown.

And the question walks, alerted, open, free, questioning.

Merging in the unknown, home, sacred.

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