About exercise and imagination.

We all exercise all the time.

We exercise dullness. We exercise agility. We exercise words. We exercise space.

Exercise in the sense, becoming one with that movement, that for one reason or no reason is the movement of now.

And here is the point:

If exercise is something that is natural, it is not guided by imagination. 

If you want to exercise movement, don’t move by ideas, don’t move by imagination, don’t add any layer of any flavor to the movement. Move like a weed in the field. It moves, it exercises its movement, free of imagination, it is not aiming for anything, it is not rejecting anything, it is simply moving. 

And its movement is absolute, it’s free of all the vanity and anything which is not pure movement. 

So what do you exercise? Complaints? Demands? Or so-called calmness? Peacefulness? 

Exercise that ‘Which-Is’, absent of imagination. And you have to see that you cannot, you have to see that you are the function that imagine, that add this very shallow abstraction of imagination that guides your now. 

To exercise the movement of now, to be one with it, not to initiate, not to imagine, is the mastership of the now, only the now can exercise the now. 

Let yourself merge in the now, so that the sound of imagination becomes a joke, and in the presence of the real, which is the now, there is no demand for the joke, for the shallow, for the fictitious. 

Now, this covers all sorts of exercises, physical, mental, intellectual, and most importantly, it’s calling for invitation to have anything in life exercise itself in movement without imagination. 

How do you know if the exercise is healthy? 

It leads to clarity. 

Clarity may reveal noise. 

Don’t expect clarity to be some serene quietness. If that’s what’s there, it reveals that. But if what’s there is noise, imagination, demands, ideas, it reveals that. And there is beauty in that. Whatever it reveals, it reveals now, real, free of imagination. 

The other thing for you to ease about:

Time is not a factor.

In this exercise, time is totally not a factor, so half a second or half a year is exactly the same. 

All your habitual movement towards scaling up your exercise, or your skill, or your talent, or your whatever it is that you try to come upon, is gone. 

The now swallows time. There is no time in the now. And the now is all you have. 

You hear about it, you may agree to it, but do you see it? 

Do you see it directly, now, without imagination? 

Do you allow clarity to come and reveal what-is as it is, and turn every bit of life to an exercise of unimagined timelessness?

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