Flowing in the unfamiliar Now

So, by now, you are familiar with ‘free creative flow’ as a capacity of meeting the unknown, meeting the now, meeting yourself. This is the same. And why I use the word ‘meeting,’?consider this – ‘giving attention,’ but as opposed to giving attention to an idea, it’s as if the attention blooms to the presence of the unknown within yourself.

Don’t assume another entity or another domain or another dimension. Words are very tricky, because in free creative flow, words are just notes, or they are the drops of the rain that make the sound of falling rain, so there is not much meaning to each word.

In any case, why is it so hard at first to meet the unknown, to meet the now, to meet yourself? It’s really similar to jumping into cold water, assuming it’s something that you are very interested and happy about, but there is resistance at first because you don’t know exactly the temperature of the water and how you will react to it, and the reaction may be somewhat unpleasant.

So what do you do? You basically train yourself to be familiar with this feeling of inconvenience, and despite it, jump; it’s the same. You can only meet, come upon, the unknown during your day as the known. You are the known that realizes that its content is ‘made of air,’ and meeting the unknown is where this content, which is made of air, agrees to itself to vaporize. 

The same applies if you want to talk about the now; you are the time, you are the sequence, you are the story that is being told by yourself to yourself all the time. Meeting the now is jumping into the end of the story or the incapacity of the story to tell you something real, the story which is time, and time ends only in the now.

and meeting yourself? it’s the same. You yourself, as you know yourself, as you live your day, as you live your life, with all the complexities, with all that you have, agree to jump into that which you don’t know.

But even if you jump into that which you don’t know, and even if you vaporize, or even if you met the… you are still there! Only not in the way that you know yourself, not in a way that you know at all. 

This is very simple, very immediate, very basic. There is no advancement from that, there is only that. And free creative flow is the language of this “jumping into the unknown.”

Will you see, as noise, as knowledge, as time, as yourself as you know it, will you jump into the cold water now?

The answer is only if you see truly and deeply; it’s not something that you can technically fake, that nothing is truly satisfying, and by that, I don’t mean the satisfaction of the body or mind, satisfaction of… like the water, for them to quench your thirst, they need to be real, so if you are constantly talking about water, and fantasizing about water, and looking at pictures of water, looking at water from afar, you see that all this activity does not quench your thirst.

When you really see it, you are ready.

And in my opinion, you are ready.

So jump into the cold water, meet the unknown, meet the now, meet yourself, and make sure to forget yourself in all that because it’s not at all you as you know, and it’s not at all you that are jumping into the unknown, it’s all the unknown, but not the unknown that is limited by your understanding, the infinite unknown.

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