Embracing Emptiness

In the realm of free creative flow questions often swirl around the how and the what. How can one tap into this elusive state? What methods should one apply? What does one truly gain from this state? Yet, in the face of such queries, the answers are disarmingly simple, often to the point of being overlooked or misconstrued.

“The how does not exist, the how is empty, there are no rules, there is no method.”

When engaging in genuine creative flow, there’s no premeditated plan, script, or blueprint to follow. The act is spontaneous, emerging as words spill forth, as brush strokes move across canvas, as fingers dance across piano keys.

“You simply move in not knowing, move in the words if you write or if you speak, move in the drawing if you paint, just move without knowing, that’s the how.”

The products of this state don’t aim for longevity. They’re fleeting, ephemeral expressions of the present, without any anchored purpose or cause.

“Free creative flow is the very flow of creation in the now, it doesn’t lead to anything, it doesn’t build anything.”

And yet, there’s a magnetic pull towards this state—a draw towards a flow that emerges from an undefined source and speaks a language of pure beauty.

“If you come upon that, you only want that. You only want to find yourself open to a flow that comes from nowhere, goes to nowhere, but it speaks beauty, pure beauty, pure beauty of not knowing, of unknown.”

Yet a word of caution: if one approaches this state with an agenda, be it to craft a perfect piece or to attain some elevated inspiration, then the purity of this flow is compromised. The challenge remains, why is the notion of ’emptiness’ so daunting? Why does a mind saturated with purpose and preconceived ideas fear the vastness of the unknown?

“Why a state of emptiness and not knowing is so horrific to your mind? And is it because, just as a starter, that your mind doesn’t know anything else?”

The journey isn’t intellectual—it’s experiential. It beckons one to live spontaneously, to write without prediction, to wander without a destination, to play without mastery. After all, isn’t life itself a blend of purposeful direction and sheer unpredictability?

“Any movement of life can take place from a point of direction or from a no-point, of emptiness.”

In the end, it’s a quest for vitality, for an awakened sense of being, and a life lived beyond the confines of convention and expectation.

“Good luck, and I mean it, because I know that if you meet that, even once, it will awaken within you a sense of vitality that has capacity beyond your imagination.”

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