The nature of limitless existence

Is there truth in limitation, or- are there limitations to anything as a fact, not as a feeling, not as a habit, not as a judgment?

Does limitation exist, or is the only existence limitless? 

What would be a response to this question? 

Whatever it is, most likely it will be a response of a will. The question will be scanned by the brush of the will that you project, and you will see what comes back from it: “what can I gain from that?” “How would it benefit me in some way”?, even as experience

So, can you meet these questions of the nature of limitation, and the nature of limitless existence, not through the brush of will and measure, but just as it is? 

The question is there, you are there, the gap is there, and all of that is in front of you to look. If you look in this way, the question of limitation must hit an open nerve in your daily existence, because you are the embodiment, as you live your life, of limitation. Everything is limited: opportunities are limited, physicality is limited, the capacity of thought is limited, experience is limited, opportunities; everything is limited. 

And you learnd to live with it because you never question if limitation is valid, or if it exists at all.

To me, being aware of the limitations in my life, in the story that is being told as my life, nothing is more concrete, real, relevant, or vital than exploring the limitation of my clear perception.

Whenever the perception is hindered by my ideas or an altogether biased mind, it becomes a precious opportunity to question the nature of limitation, specifically regarding that clarity of perception. 

I advise you to look at it and find your “open nerve”, the connection to your daily life. Because if you wish, and if that is your will, limitation would not exist.

It would be replaced with something that can be described as an opportunity for learning — but not the learning that is limited — a totally different learning capacity.

So, if I try to put the words now in a way that you can practically relate to them, I would say this: the beginning is to meet the limitations in your life now. Then, as you do, question that limitation. 

The question itself is limitless; it’s an open question. 

And don’t be overwhelmed by the announcement of your mind, of yourself, that you cannot go beyond the limitation. This is true and untrue at the same time. You, as the limited perception, cannot become an unlimited perception. You can see that there is no limitation at all, and you can see it very clearly when you look. 

Meet the limitations, question them, don’t try to go beyond that; stay with it, and let this very delicate breeze of limitless learning happen.

It’s there, waiting for you now.

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