See within yourself the truth of it

The ‘Me’ cannot be free.

Please look into the fundamental and absolute meaning of such statement. The Me, I, You, cannot be free.

There may be freedom from the me, but that freedom has nothing to do with me, with you.

I cannot guess if you listen truly. I can hope, for if you do and you happen to see the very factual base of this statement, all your efforts and hopes for freedom and the activity of the mind that follows that, or, that is the very thing, the very hope and expectations and ideas and efforts altogether, will vanish.

Because you will see that you cannot be free.

And for the question, ‘can there be freedom from me, from you?’, something else will open to that question, not me or you, but the thing itself, the question itself, the question of freedom from the self will open in itself. And look.

For this to be real, love of freedom is the eye that watches. Unconditional love that does not intervene in the affairs of the me, of the I, of you.

See within yourself, without invention, without imagination, without projection, like a child, open your eyes and watch directly, openly, if there is within you love for freedom that is absolute, that can never be yours or someone else’s, that can never be hindered, chained, prisoned, twisted.

And that love for absolute freedom is your testing layer. In it, or with it, you can see the false, you can see the movement of the me, that the more it moves, the more you move, the more I move, the less freedom is.

It requires a serious look with a very, how to say, ‘committed heart’, but it doesn’t require special skill or gift or capacity.

All these things are either so or not, meaning they are either met or they are imagined.

So where are you with this?

Hoping for freedom for you?

Hoping to be free?

Or starting to see that freedom from you has this totality that need not any activity of your mind, be it hope, exercise, knowledge, experience.

This talk was not planned and the sound of the river is strong, which will probably, for the luck of all of us, put an end to this verbal noise.

Be well and be honest.

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