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What is honesty?

What is honesty?

Is it something that is natural or that can be cultivated? Is it something that can be measured, compared and therefore improved or the opposite?

As a human being in the world, the question of honesty should be very high in the list of questions that has to do with quality of life. Because the essence of frustration in life has to do with dishonesty, for one to oneself.

You must have heard the expression, don’t lie to yourself. I don’t know what it means to you, but to me it means, don’t invent what is not there, what is not taking place in the actual moment and in the actual flow of life. 

So what would be an honest expression that comes without any agenda or goal, without any reason or cause, just for the sake of manifesting the now? What would be the nature of such expression? And what honesty has to do with all that?

Honesty to me is when you see very clearly the whole mechanism of deceive taking place. When there is no pretension, when you do not pretend, and when you really encounter this movement of deceive within yourself, honesty starts to shine. 

And the nature of this honesty is that it makes you irrelevant. The movement of deceive needs a name, a purpose, identity. Its flow is full of biased movement, it is not at all free, whereas the movement which is free of all this deceive makes one almost irrelevant to the flow of expression. And maybe the only relevance is to stay very alerted and spot that movement of self-deceive.

So the sentence, “You are honest” or “I am honest” or “He is honest”, that sentence is fake. So is there that miraculous flow of honesty itself that has no gap from the now, and by that I mean the now, the state of the consciousness, where that state of now, the state of consciousness is very sensitive, alerted, altogether aware, not denying itself as it is, honesty is flowing, and you, the one that is there when the honesty flows, as we said are almost irrelevant.

Now the one thing that can give you a sense if the honesty is flowing in itself, is footprints. There are no footprints to honesty, it leaves no mark, as opposed to agenda that leaves satisfaction or frustration, demands or reluctance, flow of honesty leaves no footprint in the consciousness, in the mind. 

And most important, and this would be the real reason for all this discussion, is that in that flow of honesty, honest flow that leaves no mark in consciousness, in that you become extremely clear with yourself, whatever that is. 

No judgment takes place, no avoidance or resistance takes place, and the beauty of honesty flowing from not knowing, leaving no mark, awakens in you, deep inside you, the freshness of life.

And this, to me, this is quality of life. 

It’s not something you take apart of life to some closed room or beautiful garden. It’s your natural realm of exploration, but not from a distance. 

The flow doesn’t seek to know anything.

Be the flow.

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