Can life observe itself?

You live in the world; you know that.

How to live, what is right living, you do not know. What is life, you do not know. Who are you that is living in the world? You know only superficially, but not deep into the essence of it.

What you have to work with, in exploring your life in the world, is the mind; thinking, imagining, knowledge, and experience. It takes you so far, never to the end of it.

You may have inspiration, intuition, or an unexplained, unguided directionless attention. But the thing with those is that in many ways you cannot control, invite, or use them. If it’s there, it’s there. But you cannot initiate inspiration, for example, not a real one.

So, it’s you and the mind. Since the mind cannot go beyond the mind and you do not know anything that is not known (which means it’s not of the mind), you’re left with something very practical, very efficient, real, and direct, which is the movement of the mind that understands, explores, and looks at the movement of the mind.

Essentially, thought, which is the only thing you know, can be a time-traveling machine in the realm of imagination. That is what takes place, but it can also be the subject of itself.

When thought, which is the mind, the movement in consciousness, meets itself, it cannot deceive. It sees its nature, which is its limitation to operate only in the imagined space. 

And this is the beauty of thought. It’s not good or bad. It’s not useful or useless when it comes to self-exploration. But when it meets itself, it becomes free from itself, from the deceived, from the story, from the imagined. And it’s put to sleep, but not in a hypnotic way. It just lose interest or validation for you. 

You are not interested in using thought when thought sees the nature of itself, the imagined nature of itself. And then there is one thing that remains, which you are then free to look at:

Are you different than thought, or separated, apart?

Is it ‘you and thought’, or is it ‘you-thought’?

People say many things about it. You have many ideas about it. But the moment these inputs operate, thought is operating, and imagination is active and takes itself to be real.

But you can, again, practically, now, immediately, take a moment to question the nature of thought in regard to the nature of yourself as you know it. 

If freedom is real, it means it cannot be touched by imagination or by thought. It’s the same. If freedom is not real, it’s just a concept, an imagined thing. Then it’s thought. You can meet real freedom when you question and do not know.

Yet, your questioning deepens and reveals the falsehood, which is your expectation for an answer, which is your preference in navigating the question, which is your avoidance from seeing things as they are. 

No one knows what thought is, yet all that is known is thought. Can thought explore its nature and see that? 

And to be more specific, can thought see the beauty of its nature, which is to understand deeply, fundamentally, its limitation?

Any line drawn by thought is imagined. Thought can see that. And something else, which is not thought and yet is not known (therefore, it’s useless to put words or images to it), may continue the exploration,

but from within and not from outside. Not as an observer that watches thought and has some ideas about it and accumulates understanding.

But when the thought, as an imagined movement of the self, is dissolved and is seen in its whole deceive, it’s not imagined to be unimagined. Rather It sees its imagined nature.

Then something else opens and the exploration, which is basically observing thinking and questioning beyond the known, I wouldn’t say continues, but begins.

I feel today is the perfect day for you to look in the mirror of absolute freedom and question your attitude in life towards it. If you gave up and concluded absolute freedom as a legend, then at least see that. It will give you a lot of clarity in understanding your day. 

But if this question, which guided you (whether you knew it or not) all your life, is not avoided, maybe it’s time to see very clearly if you can put aside all the imagined, all the thoughts, yours or others, altogether, all the knowledge and meet that question of absolute freedom without knowing.

But with a great interest that is not moving in time, a great blossoming of beauty in just questioning whether at all absolute freedom is relevant to you in your life.

Don’t make it abstract. Don’t make it theoretical. Care about your day. Care about now. Because your honesty can clear the sky of your consciousness. And in that clarity, you can see things that may be very unpleasant. But as you see them about the nature of consciousness, your own movement of thoughts, as you see them, they cannot deceive you, and you meet the truth of that.

And then, maybe indeed the question of absolute freedom, the question of the nature of thought, the question of the imagined, the false and the truth, all those questions may look at themselves. Open from within and come in touch, in direct contact with their essence. Whether it’s real or imagined, whether it’s clear or contaminated, whatever it is.

You have been presented with a challenge, and your response is your truth.

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