Lost in ourselves

The future of humanity is imprinted in the present state of humanity.

There is no need to be very sophisticated to see the trajectory humanity is heading. I wanted to say progressing, but obviously it’s not.

The main driver for humanity that took place and took urgency within the heart of human beings is individuality. Human beings live to serve individuality, their own, and by worship others, or by following.

That individuality may be an invention of the mind, may be the mind itself, or may be the sense of self-existence that is created, the sense as a notion in the mind.

Now before we go too far from the essence of this question, “what is the future of humanity?”, let’s meet the fact within your heart. When you wake up in the morning, to make it very simple, do you feel the heartbeat of humanity?

Or do you feel the heartbeat of that which you take to be yourself? Your wishes, your fears, your desires, your daily burden, or daily fortune. And as you live your day today, don’t look far, do you live from within the heart of humanity? Or do you live in the name of your notion of a private heart?

By ‘heart’, you can say core, or that which is base. Where is the base? Where are you anchored in life?

You may say many things, and the more you will think about it, you’ll be able to say more things. But you can also simply observe. There might be nothing to say because you’ll see things as they truly are.

And if humanity is not lived in your day now, and if the heart of humanity is like a weird concept that has no meaning to you, then you have all you need to know what is the future of humanity.

A very interesting question for me is ‘why this talk happens?’ Can it spring from the heart of humanity, and not from the notion of my own private pity heart? I don’t know.

And whether I hope or intend has absolutely no significance. But in that, in not knowing, there comes the edge of reason. There comes the end of understanding, which is controlled by knowledge. There is a beginning, which you are presented with, of free exploration that doesn’t serve you at all, that doesn’t lead you anywhere, that acts as a mirror to the now, to the present, to the day, to your life as it is.

The thing you can use to see where you stand is that when you live from the heart of humanity, the heart of humanity lives in you. You don’t go or imagine yourself to be humanity. All you are, naked as is, limited, full of ideas, that! Is seen as it is. Where would you go when you see it? Nowhere.

Anywhere you go, anywhere you try to, so called, improve or change, ends up exactly the same when observe. So you take a question that has a profound capacity to wake you up from your sleepy imagination and you look at it not with ideas, not thinking “humanity is important, I should give it time”, or reasoning “humanity is going nowhere, perpetuating wars in the heart, I need to do something”.

No. You dare to see it in yourself. You dare to see yourself reflected in the movement of humanity. Different names, different stories, but the same heart, which is not a heart at all, just a self-perpetuated war on various scales, altogether forming humanity.

Don’t bother yourself with questions like “can it be different?”. Come to see within you how disconnected you have become and stay with that. Let it burn what’s left of your human dignity. Let it burn the image that you’ve built of a human being that is aware of humanity.

Admit the fact that humanity is just a concept that was created in the minds to set a distance between you and yourself.

Really, do it, look into it and see.

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