Exploring inner freedom

Words. Do words act? simply as that.
That is the question. 

We live under the impression that words are passive. And here you are presented with a question. Do words act?

What is the action of a word? To make it more concrete, the context is even more important, fundamental, in the area of inner freedom. How words act with regard to inner freedom?

And you may know, this or that, about inner freedom. That which you know is made of words. You can explain it to yourself, you can describe it, you can continue building your understanding with words.

And the question is, those words, absolute truth, infinity, eternal, God. What is the action of the words in the mind? If we are unaware of it, if we don’t look into it carefully, we assume that the action is to provide a layer of ground to exploration, meditation, observation, altogether learn about inner freedom.

But when you look into it, you may find the exact opposite. You have to see it by looking directly at a word such as inner freedom. Any knowledge that is associated with that word gives the word meaning, power, relevancy. And that power acts as the thing itself. 

When you started, a term such as absolute truth was a mystery to you. As you went on with your exploration, it started to hold meaning. It started to be more and more meaningful, familiar, and usable in your exploration. And soon enough, the mystery was gone and the knowledge stayed.

The word God, same. Eternity, same. Unknown, same. So the action of these words actually blocks you, your exploration, to a limit that is so shallow, so much on the surface, and prevents you from looking beyond.

If you see it, and if your urge to have inner freedom not as a word but as reality, or to unveil the mystery of any of these words, you will have inevitably to let go of the words. And the only way to do that is to admit that you do not know what these words mean. Or even more than that, to see very clearly that these words hold within them absolutely no substance. They are just names. Can you do that?

Can you come to that point in your exploration where you give very careful attention to the act of words in the field of inner freedom, and see without a doubt that the words hold no truth in themselves, and any string of words holds no essence, can never touch? Can you do that? Can you not know anything?

And can you see that the words take you further away from living the meaning of these words, the true- that which the words intended to bring you closer to, can you see that? 

Not only that you can, sooner or later you will see that you are. In moments of deep honesty you see that you don’t know anything, and by that I mean absolutely.

You don’t even know who you are, you definitely don’t know what absolute truth is, and any attempt to question, ‘do you know anything about the unknown?’, is more ridiculous than calling by name to the nameless. It’s the same thing. 

You see it, you live it, and apparently you never admitted it with full heart, and it could be a beautiful opportunity for you to give it a chance.

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