Breaking Free with Unbiased Perception

Suffering. There is what you know about suffering, which is the experience. And there is that which you don’t know, which is suffering not interpreted by the experience. 

So it cannot be known as such, as suffering. The suffering that you know, that you experience, is projected in your observation of that experience. 

It’s as if you were wearing glasses, with a painting on the glasses, of fire, and wherever you would look, you would see fire. 

This is the nature of the experienced suffering, or the suffering that you know by experience. Now, how can you tell that indeed this suffering is brought about by the observation itself, by the perception, and is not, let’s say, objective?

That you can know if you find, come upon, a different way to look at that which you call suffering. What would be such a different way? Totally different way.

It is to look without knowing. 

This is so direct, intimate, and only you can do for yourself. Therefore, don’t expect instruction. You have to find it in yourself, in your life. 

But the principle which is pointed here is that when you observe without knowing, that which could have been considered as suffering appears as self-learning. Don’t be limited by the name, by the word, by the description. It’s the limitation of language. You have to go beyond it and meet it directly in yourself, in your life. 

So, let’s say that you are suffering because something that you consider essential to your life did not happen or stopped from being. And it creates for you, in your daily life, enormous complication. 

You stand in front of a situation or a reality that you have no idea how to even approach. And all the feelings that come with it, that are associated to that event or altogether reality, when you watch it through the experience, then all that you see is only that which you experience, 

that which is appearing in your mind as a rejected image, as a suppressed realization. Only that you see. 

Whereas, in front of the same conditions, reality, life, if you succeed, and again, this is natural and simple, but it seems like you never tried, if you succeed to look at it without knowing, as if you are disconnected from all the anchors that made you associated with the event, 

it’s not that you look at it as if it’s not happening, or has nothing to do with you, or try to practice some indifference, no. You have to be truthful and honest to the now. And the now is that you are facing this reality, and as opposed to look at it through the experience, and then all you see is the experience, now you look without knowing. 

And here is the most profound promise, not by me, not by someone that “knows”, 

by life!

it’s enough for you to look in this way for a fraction of no time. And in that fraction of no time, that which will be revealed, that it just happened to be named as self-learning, will not be the experience. 

Therefore you would not be tagging it as suffering. And all at the same time in front of the same reality and the same you, just as you are. 

Will you try? 

And do you understand that your only way to try is without knowing? 

All together, without instruction, without a reason, without an expectation for reward, just for the sake of meeting the freedom that you have to look without knowing. 

This is so essential and it goes way beyond suffering. And it’s in front of you to meet. 

Will you try?

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