The question of ā€˜Iā€™

We walk, and we see people passing by. Do we ask ourselves, who are these people? 

And in that I don’t mean what is their name or history or identity, but who are they as human beings? 

Simply, it’s not hard to see that you take them to be strangers. I take them to be strangers, unrelated human beings to me, to you, to the self, the notion of I. 

And it’s important and very beneficial to ask this question, because it leads to the question of I. 

Can there be another, if there is no I? 

Is there a need in relation, in that I mean relating to a category or group, if there is no I?

You hear it and you can only think about it. You think about it as yourself, as I which is separated from all the human beings. 

And you have to see this fact and start to see how it narrows your life, how it turns other human beings to enemies, if not actively then potentially, that you compete with. 

And all lead to a question, is there a totally different way to see the people, the human beings that pass by as you walk? 

If there is an answer to that, it cannot be shared as an idea or as an exercise. If there is an answer to that, it reveals itself in actuality. It’s not something that is said. 

And it cannot be revealed to I, to self, to you. 

Who are the people that are passing by when you walk?

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