Self Enquiry

You are so, I am so, it is so. 

Sooner or later, verbally or without words, the interest and the question, ‘who are you?’, will penetrate the noise and will demand your attention. 

And in front of this verbal or other question, ‘who am I?’, ‘what am I?’, in front of this question you will see the fact, you are so, that which you are, you are. 

I am so, that which I am, I am, 

fact, simple, clear, you can see it now.

And the nature of this fact is that it is so, and you do not know. I am so, and I don’t know. 

From this fact start the imaginative movement. You hear from others, you read in books, someone told you what you are, or how to find what you are, or how to know it. 

You take some of that, you add from yourself, and you describe, you try to describe to yourself that which you are. 

As this happens, the fact is no longer acting, and the action is action of imagination. There is projection of name, memories, experiences, knowledge, altogether a very shallow description, very partial and totally not factual description in your imagination. 

Of course you are free to imagine anything. 

Who are you? What are you? Which you are, and do not know. 

Which you see, ‘I am so’, and have no interest to add description to it. 

What is that? 

You !

as you are, unimagined, undescribed, unnamed, 


forever now.

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