Humanity realizing itself in you

What is the truth about the differences between people? 

People look differently, contain different knowledge, all together, ideas, views, interests, experiences… 

They have different relations, different identity, and various other differences that in a deeper look may seem very artificial, meaning can change at any moment. One day you relate to this group, the other to another. One day you live a world of a scientist, the other day you live as a businessman or as an artist. 

So those changes indicate that the differences are just a set of definitions that we human beings have to associate with. 

But the question, of course, goes deeper than that. If you pick randomly any human being in the world and look at this human being inside and out as if you stand in front of the mirror of yourself, way beyond the look, way beyond the content in the mind, 

what is the fundamental difference? 

Age cannot be different, it’s just different age. But the human being, you, are not your age. You have been a human being early in your days, and if you got older you are a human being then. 

Appearance, not just appearance of the body, appearance of your altogether identity, cannot be a difference. It just appear in a certain way. You in your life had various identities, many times conflicting with each other at the same time that you used to operate in different environments. 

So you still need to uncover, is there, and if so, what is it that is fundamentally different between human beings? 

You reach a point in this exploration that the question evolves inevitably to, is there a difference between human beings? Base different, fundamental different, not superficial, not on the surface of things, not temporal? 

You need to explore, you need to find the answer. I want to talk about the significance of finding the answer to that. 

You see, in your life, in whatever field you operate, the identity that you adopt and the definitions of your purpose and your relation set you apart from human beings, and set in advance whom you may or may not relate to. 

Yet without this definition, altogether the image that you take to be yourself, relation is not dictated by something that is set in advance. 

Now if you go to nature and look at the way different plants, animals, altogether organisms coexist, you may find, of course you need to observe, that the appearance is of that of a war, survival war, the strong wins, etc., 

But in fact coexistence is built as the nature of nature, and only the appearance tells a different story. 

And now back to humanity, what if this is the same? 

What if only the appearance of things draw a picture of images that are unrelated to one another, human beings? 

What if in truth there is coexistence, there are no differences, and all humanity share the same space of living? And I don’t mean just the space, physical space. In fact, first I want you to look into the space of consciousness. 

We all produce different thoughts, different emotions, we react differently to the same events, and all these products of the mind seem to be in endless war with others and with ourselves. 

We may reject or impose upon ourselves things that do not exist in reality, ideals, beliefs, so that which seems to be an everlasting space of war, conflict, corruption, as consciousness, maybe it’s just the appearance. 

Maybe fundamentally, if one can see beyond the images, beyond the appearances, maybe there exists that which is fundamentally shared between human beings, or even the essence of existence of all human beings. 

Now as we got used to, no one knows since when, these kind of questions lead to escape, to philosophies, to beliefs, to mysteries, and my interest is none of those. 

My interest is the capacity for you and me to watch things as they are now, and to challenge ourselves to explore in this observation the things as they are, to learn to see the fact, the truth of things, and to see what is artificial, twisted, and altogether imagined. 

This is my interest in life, and this is why this talk is happening, and this is why the only real substance of operation, of action in the world, to me, is that which coexists as one, totally unknown to me, totally undefined, indescribable, absolutely, 

Yet the exploration of that which seems to be different between human beings inevitably lead to the question of One. 

So based on your conditioning in the mind, you may relate what you just heard to religious and God, you may relate it to certain scientific theories, you may relate it to some artistic expressions, but all those that are relatable, as we just named few, are not the thing itself. 

They can be a very impressive description, or a very unique way to put words into context and meaning, but give it a look, they’re not one. 

One belief conflicts with the other belief. One scientific theory conflicts with another scientific theory. One expression of art conflicts with another expression of art. 

So we have to put all that aside, and the one quality that can act in this exploration is inner freedom. 

Ten years ago, at the peak of my business career, bringing a start-up to a nine-figure valuation, I realized that without inner freedom, nothing good can manifest in life. 

I left all that and dedicated ten years to self-exploration, and in specific to (questioning) inner freedom, the understanding of the nature of it, not as knowledge, idea, or theory, but in reality, 

And the product of it can only be described as reasonless beauty, beautiful creation, free creative flow. 

But those words mean nothing if the thing itself did not bloom, did not come to life. 

To me, sharing this is beautiful creation, and sharing not the knowledge of it, which is totally superficial. 

I’ll leave you with the last challenge that can only be met without knowing:

Only beautiful creation can share beautiful creation. Only inner freedom can share inner freedom. Only free creative flow can share free creative flow. 

The thing itself, that quality, is the capacity of sharing. 

And to close the loop to the beginning of the talk, sharing with human beings, regardless to the world they see themselves operating in, regardless to the image they identify with, regardless to the purpose or reason they have, the interest they have, to share and be shared regardless to all those. 

And the time is now, because now is the fact, and it can be observed directly.

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