Rethinking Education for an Unpredictable Future

What is the role of schools and educational systems in general?

To prepare human beings for independent life. Are they doing that? Can they do it for the future?

To me, the answer is absolutely not. And if it was not in the interest of people to sustain this industry of education, all schools would be left empty. 

Because the future we are heading to is very different than what we can predict. 

The reason is that human beings created tools and machines to support their living, but for the first time ever, human beings created a machine, an intelligent system that guides them in life. 

To make their dreams come true, it asks them to perform certain acts and choices to achieve what they want at the price of serving the machine. 

Before you start to imagine some picture of machines forcing human beings, be sure that what is pointed out here is the state of mind. 

If you take a mind that is greedy and give it power, what would it do? If you take a mind that is free and give it anything, what would it do? 

This is the whole point. 

The mindset that is greedy and corrupt to the bone is serving the machine, serving the artificial capacity that sets the future, that navigates resources, and facilitates the way of living of the future, which is very near; it’s not far future. 

What can be done? Can there be a school without walls, without programs, without certificates, that focuses on one thing and one thing alone, preparing human beings to feel comfortable, happy, creative, in front of the absolute unknown, that seeds and encourages that natural capacity in the minds of human beings, 

that finds the beauty in asking questions greater than any potential answer, altogether known, 

and that can develop this sensitive quality of aliveness that comes from freedom?

To me, this is inevitable.

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