Will Authentic Communication Bloom from Within?

Some of you express an interest in understanding, and the nature of that interest is different from one another. 

Some are looking for instructions, whether they call it like that or just hope for it. Others want to know what I meant when I said something. And there are few that wonder if they can find it in themselves. 

And that’s where I feel the whole communication happens. 

There is no delegation of knowledge, experience, authority, when it comes to the new, to the authentic, to the fresh which is alive. 

That’s the whole beauty of it. You cannot even delegate it to yourself. You cannot work to accumulate it and sort of master it. It’s just not the nature of it. 

The nature is of sharing.

So you may hear it as a paradox because for you, probably, sharing means one has it and someone else gets some of it or touched by that. 

But that’s not at all sharing. 

Sharing means that the flower blooms by the announcement of the season. 

When the season comes, mysteriously, the flower knows it’s time to bloom. And the season is not a thing. In words, we call it season. In science, we can explain something about the stars. 

But to the flower, it’s just an announcement from within itself because the flower is not apart of nature. 

The fact is that the flower is not a flower. Only in the mind, it’s an object with a name. But it’s an expression of the same thing that nature is. 

And the same goes to the nature of consciousness. 

It’s what it is, unnamed, unknown, undivided from the whole, from consciousness itself. 

So unless you seek the blooming of the inner, new, fresh, authentic, there cannot be any sharing. 

And if that is what you seek, the most someone can do is to announce the season. Essentially, to show you that it’s possible. And that you don’t need to wait for anything or you don’t need to go through any special training or acquiring of any knowledge or experiences. 

And apparently, this is very hard for a human being to accept because the conditioning is so strong that anything of quality is an attainment of time and effort. 

There is no meaning to time and effort in nature. 

There is only meaning to truth.

And there is no way to make a shortcut to find truth or to meet truth or to understand truth, to understand the nature of it. 

So unless you have that inner calling that is beyond time and you can tell yourself there is no limit to how long I’m willing to watch and there is no limit or justification measure to the effort that I’m willing to invest,

Unless that’s not your starting point, you’re in the wrong shop. 

You’re trying to buy something that is not for sale. And the ultimate paradox is that-something was never missing. It was never on the shelf, it was never for sale or in a storage. 

It’s the things as they are. 

Sharing is the announcement of the season to bloom by evidence, not by words. 

You see for yourself what is it that you are answering, what is the inner calling that you are answering. 

And this will clear your way.

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