Engaging Without Intention, Exploring the Unbroken Now

If you want to sit and meditate, you can, but maybe you better not. 

Maybe you better sit to sit. 

You want to walk in order to contemplate, ventilate, see clear, work out your problems. You may want – Not. 

You may walk to walk. 

The fundamental issue in human daily life is the gap. The gap cannot be filled, bridged, closed, eliminated. The gap is real, even if that gap is not between two things. 

Even if that gap is a gap. (In itself)

You look at your day, right now, you see all the gaps between what is, which is mostly avoided, and all the variety of ideas of should be, could be, better be, shouldn’t be. 

Gap. Meet the gap, now. 

Sit to sit. Not to meet the gap. Not to overcome the gap. Sit to sit, physically, mentally, emotionally. 

What gap is there? 

Walk to walk. Not to resolve your problems, to reflect, to ventilate. Walk to walk. 

What gap is there? 

The gap is real. The gap, which is; all the gaps, fundamentally, are same. And you, yourself, your life, radiate that gap. You speak that gap. You breathe it. 

So you can dedicate your life to imagine that you can overcome, minimize, deal with a gap. And that’s fine. There is what to learn in life like that. 

Or you can meet the gap. You can meet the gap, in the gap. 

You can question the truth of the gap itself, without creating imaginary gaps. 

And you can do it, when you sit to sit. Is there a gap, then? 

Or when you walk to walk. Where is the gap?

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