Under ‘Rain’s’ Cover, The Pure Melody of Water is Silenced

Can you trust the water in the rain? 

Can your heart be open to the lesson that the water presents? 

Can you see your nature in the water? 

Can you flow without end and wash all that which is dirty and that which is clean without discrimination? 

You don’t know, do you? 

But you can learn. 

You can learn to watch the water. 

You can learn to ask beyond the words. 

You can let your heart be washed by the immensity of beauty that is more insignificant than a dry leaf in the dirt at the side of the road. 

You can. You do not want to. 


Why do you put the tag of ‘rain’ and justify your avoidance of it? 

Why do you do it to everything in life, to the sun, to the wind, to the sounds, to the smells, to people’s heart? 

What are you protecting yourself from? 

What are you afraid to see that will make all that you know not valid anymore? 

The rain is not rain. ‘Rain’ is a concept. 

The water flows by its nature. Washes all without discrimination. 

In that, immense beauty that has no reason, no limit, is revealed. 

That’s the nature of the water. 

Is it different from the nature of your heart? 

Is it different from the nature of life, your life?

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