Beyond the Known and the Tangible

What is a human being? 

There is the body, there is the consciousness, all the activities, the self, but is it all? 

What is a human being? 

Can you see the beauty in this question? 

Who can ask that question? 

Not in a compromised way, artificial. 

Who can question the essence of what it is to be a human being? 

Can you see the beauty of asking this question without knowing the answer, without trying to know, with the appreciation of the beauty that comes from direct questioning of what is it to be a human being? 

Surely this cannot be an intellectual, philosophical game. 

So what is the drive that can make a human being question so absolutely, so totally the nature of itself? 

What can bring such capacity of openness, of unknowing to take place in the presence of such question? 

It cannot be ideas, it cannot be reason, it cannot be an expectation. 

It has to be something that is untouched by all this. 

Do you see the beauty in truly, totally question what is a human being? 

Beyond knowing, beyond trying to know, beyond the question itself, the question with the words beyond that. 

Isn’t a human being that question?

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