Don’t Be Deceived by Words

These talks may be deceiving, the only approach that may have value in listening to these talks is questioning. 

Questioning that tries to make a decision, make a conclusion is not questioning at all. 

Questioning in its full holistic capacity is not knowing, the two are the same. 

You know movement, you do not know and you cannot know absolute stillness. 

You know knowledge, you do not know and you cannot know the unknown. 

You know content with all the good and bad, right and wrong, like and dislike, but you cannot know space. 

You know your image, identity, history, desires, but you do not know and you cannot know yourself. 

This talk, as any other, need to be met with an open mind that questions itself, questions its own knowledge, 

its own ignorance, question the question itself and question the absence of a question –

that can end all movement in the mind.

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