Are You Truly Attuned?

If love, selfless, endless, unconditional love exists, where is it? 

Where would you find it? Or what is the truth of it in your life to you now? 

If love, which is not the word-love, not the image-love, not the knowledge-love, not any identifiable aspect, true love, if it exists, where is it to you in your life now? 

Surely not in your list of concepts, surely not a passing experience, profound as it is, surely not knowledge attained by someone or by yourself. 

If love that is real speaks to you, will you hear it? 

If love which is true, existing, shows itself to you, will you see it? 

If love that is whole, that is undeniable, teaches you anything, what would it be? 

When you hear the sound of the raindrops, the sound of the passing wind, are you aware of it fully? Are you attentive to it? 

In other words, do you give the whole of you to that sound? 

When a tiny flower, swallowed in a background of what seems to be infinite view, is shown to you, do you see it? 

Do you truly immerse in that which is seen? Do you give yourself fully to it? 

If life, raw life, life as it is, puts in front of you a challenge, a challenge that cannot be met by your skills, knowledge, capacity, 

do you learn from that?

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