The True Worth of Life

We are not at all simple.

We complicate everything all the time. Why?

What does it mean to you to live a simple life?

How do you look at it?

Is it something that carries with it the promise of freedom and unconditional peace?

Or is it something that you perceive as unworthy?

It seems that somehow we take complication as a sign of worth.

And if something is not complicated, we consider it to be unworthy.

And can there be more twisting and dangerous falsehood?

Everything in your life, in the world, is simple.

So simple that it cannot be named.

And since all we know is to see and address things by names and descriptions, simplicity is the void for us.

But if you go for a walk, or if you look by the window, or if you happen to spend some time without purpose, it’s very easy to see that the nature of all things is simplicity itself, and that the quality of meeting life is the quality of simplicity, because in that all is beautiful, all is unassuming, all is free. 

So you hear this, but do you hear it simply?

Or do you process it and generate complicated understanding and opinion about it?

Simplicity is the guide to itself in all.

Simplicity is the work, is the learning, and is the ultimate living.

The ultimate appreciation of life.

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