Testimony ~ The Power of a White Page

When success became real, externally of course, it was clear to me that my heart is not breathing.

Wherever I looked, whatever I did, there was no life in it.

It was then that I met the white page, and I believe at least tens of thousands, if not even more, of lines started to be my ventilation.

There was something about these lines on a paper that was different than any other practice, and today I can say it was the fact that these lines were inspired by the white page, by the emptiness.

Essentially, from the white page, without knowing, a movement came, and that line that showed up invited words, also without knowing, without planning, many times words that didn’t make any sense, but the flow was very alive, and again and again this was seen that the inspiration is the white page.

By inspiration I mean the drive for the ultimate expression was emptiness, although not emptiness that has to do with lack, with missing something, but emptiness from agenda, control, preference, and quickly the words started to reveal that which my heart expressed.

So if I say that your heart expresses itself when you do not know, that’s exactly the meaning.

The expression is very clear, but it’s not identified with your intention, with your choice.

Now all this is said to you because the entry point is zero.

Where you are, it is, and to bring life to your heart is essentially all that life is for.

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