Allowing Free Creative Flow

A simple response to what started to be a common question, ‘how to practice free creative flow?’, would be; ‘as you find right’, there is no one way, there is no right way. But, I want to put more clarity on that, so you can actually move from talking about it, to find it in your life. Otherwise, what are we doing here? Wasting time. 

The starting point is you, a unique, living being, becoming aware of what blocks the flow in your life, in your daily life. Where is your attention travels? Are you flowing freely, happy? Or is there a lot of busyness around depression, anxiety, confusion, conflicts? 

You find out, and that’s the starting point. Now you say, ‘how can I flow, when I have this barrier in my life?’ And the first point is, free creative flow, that is described as ‘the art of now’, has roots that are very ancient. In fact, wherever you will look, maybe old, Zen art, or Chinese, older, you will see the principle of ‘flowing from emptiness’. And even before that, you may see the beauty of stillness. 

So that is not reinvented in free creative flow. Only the gate, maybe, is kind of adapted to modern times. Because it’s unlikely that you walk by the river all day, and draw calligraphy when your mind is fully clear… It’s more likely that you’re busy earning a livelihood, dealing with relationships, navigating life and uncertainty. 

Free creative flow is an art, a very practical art, that you can practice today, and you don’t need any preparation for it. And the way to look at it is, your mind is like a blank page, fully scattered by the signals of itself. 

Let me show you. (See video) Your mind is a white canvas, adding signals every day. Your signals, your thoughts, your emotions, your experiences. And it is done in a way that never deletes. So, more and more signals are coming over an already very busy recording. 

And in that, you wish to find flow, freedom, and anything which is clear. It cannot be done! Free creative flow starts with appreciating the perfection of the white page. So if you practice it with a brush, like this, your expression would not be of knowledge, ideas, creativity of the known. Rather, appreciation of emptiness that is very well presented to you as the blank page. And from that, without knowing, you will allow expression by lines, by words, to appear. 

That which came as a product is totally irrelevant for you because your mind now is practicing to see or to stay aware of the blank page inside itself, as itself. So again and again, before the stroke, your attention goes to the purity of the flow, the perfect flow, the infinite possibilities of the white page. And whenever a flow comes, you never decide in advance what it will be. 

And that principle, as basic as it is, is the most advanced manifestation of free creative flow as an art. 

So the power of practicing free creative flow, which is not at all “practicing”, as we know, in a repetitive, mechanical way, is a time spent in your life, in your day, where your attention goes to the blank page, to the empty mind. And all that hinders that. 

If you really ask how to practice free creative flow, the question needs to be met in the practice, not in the ideas. So find yourself the medium that works for you, a paper and brush, an instrument that you can play, or any other thing. The list is endless. 

And find that basic act, that flows from emptiness. The learning is there, not in talking about it.

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